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Legal Counsel for Injured Victims in South Dakota

If you were a victim of a dog bite or attacked by a dog, one of the most critical steps to take is to speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. With 30 years of professional experience in personal injury litigation, Attorney Jim Even can provide the legal guidance and strong representation for pursuing fair compensation for your injuries.

Immediate Steps You Should Take After a Dog Bite

  • Contact an Attorney: The sooner you contact a Sioux Falls personal injury attorney, the sooner your attorney can properly gather all available evidence for your case.
  • Seek Immediate Medical Attention: Don't delay seeking medical attention and risk infection or other complications. In addition, prolonging this step may jeopardize your case.
  • Gather Information: As soon as you can, record as much information as possible, including the date, time, location, distinguishing features of the attacking dog (dog breed, gender, distinguishing marks), and contact information of any witnesses.

South Dakota Dog Bite Laws

South Dakota does not have a Dog Bite Statute, but rather a One-Bite Rule. This means that a dog owner is only liable for dog injuries if the owner had reason to know that the dog was dangerous or had the potential to pose a threat. The provisions within South Dakota's One-Bite Rule can make it difficult for dog bite victims to receive just compensation if they try to seek damages without the legal counsel of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Your Legal Options After a Dog Bite in Sioux Falls

Attorney Jim Even will carefully examine whether or not you can seek legal damages. Because of the strict dog bite rules in South Dakota, it is critical that you provide him with all the evidence you have gathered in order to ensure that he can properly obtain adequate compensation for your injuries. A dog bite attack can be a traumatic experience. At Even Law Firm, Attorney Jim Even treats your concerns and needs with the professionalism and respect you deserve.

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