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If you or your loved one has been injured or killed due to an act of negligence in Brookings or Worthington, get in touch with the Even Law Firm as quickly as possible. The lead attorney at the firm, Jim Even, is admitted to practice in 4 states, and has recovered millions of dollars in damages for the injured over his 30 years in practice. In any personal injury case, it is necessary to ensure that the attorney you choose to represent you will devote the time and attention to you and your case that is necessary for success. At the firm, you will not be pushed off onto an assistant or other person, but will be served personally, on a one-on-one basis by the attorney. You can be confident that when the firm takes on an injury claim, everything possible will be done to get it resolved at a financial level that is fair. The first action to take is to contact the firm. Early involvement could be important with regard to the preservation of crucial evidence to support your claim.

Personal Injury Attorney for Cases in Brookings and Worthington

Each personal injury claim has unique circumstances. The first step is to get a free case evaluation so that your case can be analyzed and the initial actions taken. Serious injuries will necessarily require a high value settlement or verdict. The injured person may need a lifetime of care and treatment, and will no longer be able to function in life as he or she did prior to the injury. Every detail of the situation must be fully analyzed, including the costs of medical care and treatment, nursing care, rehabilitation, loss of future earnings, and other economic losses.

The personal impact upon the injured victim will also be part of the claim or lawsuit, and will address the non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering. At the firm, the attorney will engage in a careful evaluation of your case and file a claim or lawsuit on your behalf. The attorney at the firm has a background serving as defense counsel for insurance companies. This has allowed him to have a great insight into how insurance companies operate in resolving claims. Whether your case will be resolved through a settlement or must go to trial, Mr. Evens is very qualified and experienced. His approach to resolving personal injury claims is professional, committed and steadfast in demanding fair and full compensation. He is an experienced trial lawyer that can present a persuasive case to the jury if this is what it will require to get justice.

Whether your case is the result of an auto accident, motorcycle accident, truck or bicycle accident, is a case of premises liability, or product liability or other type of simple or complex case, the firm has the skills, knowledge and years of experience you need on your side. The firm will engage in negotiating a fair settlement, in mediation, arbitration or can take the injury claim to trial. Most cases are resolved prior to trial, but there are some cases in which the insurance company disputes that their client was negligent. These litigated cases must be handled by a legal professional with a great depth of experience in developing and presenting a case to a jury for a verdict.

The attorney has an extensive history of success at trial in personal injury cases. Contact the firm for more information.