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At Even Law Firm, each case taken on is given the full attention and focus of the founding attorney, Jim Even. His background serving as counsel for insurance companies has been of great benefit to his clients, as he understands exactly how these companies operate in paying out claims. Jim no longer represents insurance companies, but has turned his legal skills to assisting the seriously injured. His knowledge of the inside workings of these companies has proven to be invaluable to his clients, both in the value of the settlement achieved, and the speed with which it is achieved, either through mediation, negation or arbitration. There are some cases that cannot be resolved through these methods, and must be taken to trial for resolution. Mr. Even is a seasoned trial lawyer, and has recovered millions of dollars for his injured clients throughout his 30 years in practice, whether in a settlement or through a verdict in court.

It is important to get a free case evaluation from the firm as early as possible after the accident. It is often difficult to consider the legal issues when injured, or when your family member has been seriously injured or killed. In fact, it could be important to your case to get legal representation as early as is possible. The firm will take action to preserve evidence, and to manage each detail of the case, including any requests from the insurance company for medical records, interviews or other matters. These details can make a difference in the outcome of your injury claim.

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The firm is prepared to evaluate your case, and makes it easy for you by providing an online case evaluation form. Fill out the form and you can expect a response within a short period of time. When the firm takes on your case, you can expect personal, one-on-one service from the attorney – you will not be shuffled around from assistant to associate or others. You get the legal representation you deserve. After an accident, such as auto accidents, bicycle accidents, boat accidents or those involving commercial or transport vehicles such as truck accidents or bus accidents, it is imperative that you are represented by an attorney that has experience at trial. As a trial lawyer, Mr. Even can protect your interests at every phase of the process when a fair settlement cannot be achieved through negotiation, mediation or arbitration.

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