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Have you or a loved one suffered a serious personal injury through the negligent or malicious actions of another? If so, you may be entitled to recover compensation for your injuries and other accident-related repercussions. That you have been harmed may be quite apparent. Likewise, that someone else caused the accident may be equally obvious to you. Despite these facts, recovering full compensation in a personal injury case is often not as easy or smooth as it may seem to be. Whether the result of your accident is a brain injury, broken bones, severe burn injuries or other types of harm, your case is likely to run into some type of opposition.

In many cases, this resistance can come in the form of an employer or insurance company that attempts to deny or devalue your claim. The responsible individual, corporation or insurance company will retain an attorney who specializes in defending clients against personal injury litigation. You may not be aware of the amount that you have a right to pursue in compensation. How do you go about ensuring that you are treated fairly in a personal injury case? What can you do to protect your rights to an equitable settlement?

The answer lies in getting legal representation from an experienced Vermillion personal injury lawyer. For 30 years, Jim Even has been practicing personal injury law. Over the decades, he has helped hundreds achieve a fair level of financial compensation. Through settlements or jury verdicts, his firm has recovered millions of dollars to assist those who have been injured by others. As a South Dakota native, he understands the needs of individuals and families in our state. He knows how the wrongful death of a loved one or the inability of a wage earner to continue to make an income after an injury puts a family in financial trouble. With this in mind, when his firm takes on a case he will be your personal lawyer. You do not have to worry that you will be handed over to another attorney or legal assistant in order to receive the legal help you need.

Resolving Auto, Truck and Construction Accident Cases

His firm resolves all types of personal injury claims from auto, bicycle, boat, bus and truck accidents to premises liability or product liability injuries. When a hit and run or drunk driving accident leads to a serious injury, his firm is ready to take action. If you are injured on the job, such as in a construction accident, he is ready to use his proven skills as a negotiator and litigator in your case. In a small town such as Vermillion, various types of vehicle accidents, or boating incidents on the Missouri River can and do occur. When these injuries are caused by negligence, accomplished legal help is a must.

While Attorney Even's experience as a personal injury advocate is important to success in your case, he provides a unique advantage that many lawyers cannot give you. Prior to helping injury victims, he represented insurance companies in workers' compensation and injury cases. This means you will be assisted by an attorney who has "behind the scenes" knowledge and insight into how insurance companies handle claims and personal injury litigation. His level of knowledge can prove to be the advantage you need to recover the full compensation you are entitled to.

In determining the damages that can be awarded in your case, South Dakota uses a system called "pure comparative fault." Using this method, a judge or jury will decide to what degree (or not) you were responsible for the injuries resulting from an accident. This percentage of fault will be the deciding factor in the compensation you can receive. An instance of this would be an individual that is injured by a drunk driver who runs a red light. In this case, however, the injured person had failed to wear his or her seatbelt. Although the driver who caused the accident does have legal liability, each party must prove their case as to the degree of fault that will be assigned.

Having an accomplished attorney can significantly help you and your family. Attorney Even thoroughly researches and analyzes the physical evidence, police reports, witness statements, medical data and additional pertinent information of your accident. This data is then utilized towards producing the most compelling case possible.

To assist you to better understand your legal situation and what he can do in your case, his firm offers a free case evaluation. Get legal advice from a committed attorney before you sign papers, discuss your case with an insurance company adjuster, or allow access to your medical records. The firm carefully manages all these details to protect your right to fair and full compensation.

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