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Rodeo Accidents & Injuries

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For all the fun and excitement a South Dakota rodeo can bring, it is also a place of inherent danger. Rodeo organizers and safety personnel have the responsibility of protecting both patrons who came to see the show and the bull riders, cowboys, and rodeo clowns who work there. If you were injured while attending or participating in a rodeo, call us to connect with Even Law Firm and our Sioux Falls personal injury lawyer right away.

After being hurt at a rodeo, Even Law Firm is the clear choice of dedicated and compassionate representation. Jim Even was born right here in beautiful Sioux Falls, so he has a unique connection to the city and its inhabitants. Make certain the lawyer you choose can provide his caliber of commitment and experience.

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Dangers at a Rodeo

Most of the draw of a rodeo is being able to see brave men and women perform stunts and feats in the arena with a bucking bronco or a raging bull. There will clearly be danger present when an untamed animal is involved but there should never be any “unreasonable danger.” When the rights steps are taken, such as training staff members, putting up reinforced barricades, and retaining a certain degree of control over the animal, a rodeo can be quite safe for spectators and performers alike. Allowing safety standards to slip, however, will cause dangers that lead to accidents and serious injuries.

Injuries that may occur at a rodeo include:

Medical staff should always be near the arena to assist anyone who is injured at a rodeo. If they are not, the injury could worsen dramatically and the rodeo organizer could be found completely liable for the resulting damages.

Compassion for Our Clients, Tenacity for the Opposition

Settling your personal injury claim outside of the courtroom can be ideal, as it delivers your compensation sooner than later. Our Sioux Falls rodeo injury attorney is ready to negotiate a fair deal for you but will also never bend knee to save the defendant money. If the matter must be taken to court, we are ready for litigation.

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