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Farm Equipment Injuries

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Farmhands must be able to use heavy equipment of all sorts throughout their days to complete their farm duties as described by their employer. Not only are some of these machines dangerous by design, many require constant upkeep and routine maintenance to remain relatively safe. If the farm owner or managing company does not ensure farm equipment is suitable for use, someone may suffer serious injury.

Farm equipment that may cause injury in a farm-related accident includes:

  • Skid steers
  • Tractor engines
  • Reapers
  • Combine harvester or thresher

Were you working on a farm when you were injured by a machine or heavy piece of farm equipment? Do you believe you were being reasonably cautious when the accident occurred? If so, contact Even Law Firm and talk to our Sioux Falls farm accident attorney today. With our assistance, you could file a lawsuit that leads to total compensation.

Injuries Caused by Farm Equipment

Any sort of heavy machinery has the chance of causing serious injury when it is not properly maintained or adequate safety training is not given to staff. Farm equipment is no exception. Even individuals who were raised on a farm and virtually have spent all of their lives on farms can be wrongfully harmed and caught in an accident if a supervisor’s neglect allows danger to exist on the premises.

An accident caused or involving farm equipment could cause the following injuries:

Recovering from any sort of farm equipment injury can be painful and costly. Make certain the compensation you are given will cover all of your expenses, now and later, not just what it seems you need initially.

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