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Dangerous Drugs

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Have you fallen seriously ill after taking prescription medication? Did a previous illness worsen due to medicine that was supposed to help? You are not alone. Dangerous drugs put millions of Americans in jeopardy each year. It is important that consumers and patients speak up, stand up, and take action against the negligent pharmaceutical companies that put unsafe products on shelves and into pharmacies.

At Even Law Firm, our Sioux Falls personal injury lawyer has more than 30 years of experience helping people in situations just like yours seek compensation after unfair treatment and harm. If the pharmaceutical company responsible for the drug that hurt you will not listen to reason and offer a fair settlement, we are more than prepared to take the matter to court, for Attorney Jim Even has extensive trial experience.

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Complications from Dangerous Drugs

Pharmaceutical companies have the responsibility of testing each drug they put on the market. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) often relies solely on the manufacturer’s own tests when choosing to allow the product to reach consumers or not. If any dangers arise later on, the liability will usually rest solely on the manufacturer, for their organization was the one tasked with testing it for side effects.

A dangerous drug, depending on what it is or the dosage amount, could cause:

  • Breathing complications
  • Unsafe heart palpitations
  • Nausea or dizziness
  • Internal bleeding
  • Reaction to other medications
  • Chronic headaches

In extreme situations, a dangerous drug can eventually lead to the wrongful death of the patient. The responsible pharmaceutical company should be willing to help pay for final hospitalization, burial costs, funeral expenses, lost wages, and the loss of companionship. It is unreasonable for a giant conglomerate to resist payment to the people they harm, and yet this is the norm.

Viagra Possibly Linked to Skin Cancer

In 2014, allegations arose that the popular erectile dysfunction pill Viagra was causing or worsening melanoma skin cancer. The FDA has recently announced that it will begin looking into allegations. A university study of 25,000 men determined that about 1% of men who used Viagra would develop melanoma. While this number seems insignificant, it is still a rate 84% higher than that of men who never used Viagra. Several lawsuits have already been filed against Pfizer, the drug’s manufacturer, in California and around the country. If you have used prescription Viagra and have been diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer, you may be able to create a lawsuit of your own or opt into a forming mass tort.

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