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South Dakota Swimming Pool Accidents

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While swimming pools are meant to be a place for children and adults to engage in recreational activity, they can also be sites that pose great danger when the pools and their premises are not maintained properly. According to the South Dakota Safety Council (a chapter of the National Safety Council), drowning is the second most common cause of unintentional death for children who are age 14 and under. Many of these drownings occur in swimming pools, whether those are residential, hotel, public or other types of pools. In addition to drownings, individuals may also suffer from near-drownings, slip and fall accidents other types of accidents at swimming pools.

If you or a loved one suffered from an injury at a swimming pool due to unsafe conditions, there are steps that you can take to hold the at-fault party liable. Our law firm, Even Law Firm, can help you file a personal injury claim or lawsuit so that you can seek financial damages, such as damages for medical expenses, lost income, physical pain and suffering, emotional trauma and more. Our Sioux Falls personal injury attorney can even handle wrongful death cases, or cases in which the victim died from his or her injuries. Let us help you fight for the just compensation you and your family deserve following your accident!

Negligence Leading to Swimming Pool Accidents

The individuals and entities that own and operate swimming pools are responsible for keeping their premises free of hazards that would be likely to cause harm to others. Unfortunately, there are many pool owners and operators who negligently disregard this responsibility. Other parties that can be at fault for swimming pool accidents include swimming pools designers and manufacturers, pool supply manufacturers and retailers, pool cleaning companies, providers of lifeguard services and others.

Here are a few examples of negligent conditions and actions that can result in dangerous swimming pool accidents:

  • Lack of necessary safety signs, such as No Diving signs
  • Lack of lifeguards, or insufficient training of lifeguards
  • Negligence by lifeguards (such as improper supervision)
  • Insufficient fencing around the pool
  • Drain defects
  • Improper mixture of handling of pool chemicals
  • Dangerous pool design
  • Defective pool toys

By taking action against the irresponsible party that caused your swimming pool accident, you are not only working to get your financial needs met, but you are also bringing light to a very important safety issue. In the end, your actions may help prevent many other people from also being placed in harm's way in the same way that you or your loved one has.

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