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Premises Liability Cases in South Dakota

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Property owners have the responsibility to keep their land free of any potential dangers or obstacles that would cause injury to a reasonable individual who comes onto their property such as a guest, customer or visitor. If an individual is injured while on their property then the property owner may be held liable for their injuries, this is called premises liability. The property owner must not only keep their land free from obstacles and various threats such as violent animals, they must provide reasonable warning for any individuals who come onto their property.

If a reasonable individual is injured due to an unseen obstacle or by no reasonable fault of their own, then the owner can be held responsible for the injuries incurred. Additionally, property owners are generally charged with maintaining clear public sidewalks in front of their premises and to prevent posing any danger to members of the public who are passing on a public street or sidewalk. These duties are generally non-delegable in order to maintain premises liability.

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If you have been injured while on someone else's property due to a lack of warning or an unseen obstacle that no other reasonable individual could identify then you may be able to file a lawsuit against this negligent individual in order to obtain money damages to help compensate for various costs associated with recovery and to help with other financial hardships incurred by this injury such as loss of wages due to an inability to work. Attorney Even from Even Law Firm will be able to assist you in filing this lawsuit in order to maximize your chances of obtaining your goals and desires regarding the outcome of your case. Additionally, he will be able to represent your case aggressively and persuasively in court if you choose to work with him.

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