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If you or a loved one has been injured due to a gun accident, it is strongly advised that you contact the gun accident attorney at Even Law Firm, Attorney Jim Even, whose 30 years of experience in personal injury litigation has successfully helped clients in finding justice for their injuries.

Sustaining an injury from a gun accident is a tragic and emotionally stressful situation. Attorney Jim Even is here to provide you the support and intelligent legal counsel in order to pursue legal action in an attempt to seek fair compensation.

In the case of a wrongful death gun accident, Attorney Jim Even will carefully examine the evidence and information to determine if negligent parties were involved, including the gathering of evidence needed to determine the presence of a defective firearm.

Gun Accident Cases

Attorney Jim Even has provided legal counsel and personal injury litigation on behalf of gun accident victims in different cases involving negligence from another, including:

  • Gun malfunction due to faulty gun components
  • Firearm handled by intoxicated or drug-induced individual
  • Incorrect use of ammunition
  • Improper handling of gun

One of the main causes of accidental gunshot injuries is defective gun manufacturing. However, according to South Dakota Statute 21-58-2, firearms manufacturers, distributors, and sellers are not liable for injury caused by firearms.

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Laws in South Dakota provide ample protection for such entities. However, if you believe your gun injuries resulted from negligence on the part of a gun manufacturer, you may have legal recourse under certain laws. With the extensive knowledge and background of Attorney Jim Even, he will work tirelessly to examine all legal provisions and evidence in an attempt to pursue compensation from negligent parties.

With Attorney Jim Even on your side, every legal resource will be employed in an effort to pursue damages and reach a fair compensation for your injuries.

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