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Personal Injury Attorney in Worthington for Serious Injury or Wrongful Death

At the Even Law Firm, the founding attorney, Jim Even, has 30 years of experience in injury law. He formerly served as counsel for insurance companies, and through this service he has gained a great deal of experience in how they operate in paying claims. Since going into private practice, he has focused on serving the injured and in assisting them to get a claim paid fairly, or in taking a case to court if this is not possible through negotiating a settlement, through mediation or arbitration. As a trial lawyer, he can craft a case to present to the court that has a better chance of success. Insurance companies can dispute that their client was negligent, and often use high-powered corporate defense lawyers to present the case. You need an experienced trial lawyer that has achieved results in these complex cases on your side.

Injury Lawyer in Worthington

The firm serves as counsel for the injured in a wide range of personal injury cases, including auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, injuries from boat accidents and all types of construction accidents. They also represent victims in cases involving premises liability and product liability. The firm can serve as counsel in cases of wrongful death.

Each case is unique and should be carefully evaluated as soon after the injury as is possible. These can be very difficult times for the injured or for a family who has lost a treasured loved one in an accident. Legal issues can be hard to consider dealing with. It is important that you do so, as early as possible. The statute of limitations in the state restricts the time in which a case can be filed, and there are issues such as the preservation of evidence that could be important to you when you do take legal action. The firm will address each and every detail of the case, including obtaining and preserving the crucial evidence in the case. Contact the firm to discuss your case, or use the online form for a free case evaluation.

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