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Snow Fall Brings an Increase in Auto Accidents

Although the Sioux falls area experienced a little bit of warm weather this winter, when a cold front came in during the early morning hours of Sunday, January 20th, 2013, many residents were caught off guard. In fact, Sioux Falls police reported there were at least three weather-related accidents during a short 30-minute period. One of the accidents appeared to be a single-vehicle accident wherein the vehicle hit a pole, causing the driver to have to be extricated from the vehicle. The second accident was also a single-vehicle accident on I-229, while the third was a multi-vehicle accident between an SUV and a snow plow at the intersection of Interstate 29 and I-229. A short time later, police were called to a rollover accident at the 86 mile marker of I-29.

One of the most common causes of auto accidents, especially after a snow fall, is that drivers fail to slow down and allow the proper distance between them and the vehicles around them. During cold weather conditions, it is imperative that drivers account for the snow, rain or other weather-related factors so there is sufficient time to slow down, react and avoid getting involved in an accident. Icy or snowy roads can cause drivers to lose control, particularly if they are driving too fast. In cases where drivers have failed to properly maintain their vehicles, such as keeping tires inflated to the recommended levels, having their tires rotated, or having bald tires replaced, they are making themselves more susceptible to accidents.

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